Cherry Lounge & Pit In Tempe Closes Temporarily (Hopefully)

Okay, this is just getting effin ridiculous.

I feel like a broken record when typing this, but another Mill Avenue nightspot has been locked down and this time it's nightclub Cherry Lounge & Pit

Unlike the recent closures of its neighbors The Library Bar & Grill (which, more or less, is permanent) and Sucker Punch Sally's (which might be for the summer, or might be forever), this closure is reportedly only temporary.

Or at least that's what some of the DJs, promoters, and performers who had events scheduled for this weekend at Cherry are saying about the closure, which apparently took place on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. 

What's the story behind the situation? Learn more after the jump.

The skinny around the Intarwebz suggests three possible reasons: issues with the liquor license, an ownership change, remodeling, or a combination of each.

DJ Slippe, the club's Tuesday night resident, tweeted two nights ago that Cherry was not only packed for his spin session, but seemingly went dark afterwards until July 7 because of "New Ownership and [a] Remodel."

The promoters of weekly dubstep night UK Thursdays confirm the re-opening early next month, but present a different explanation altogether. In a post on EDM web-board GlitchHop Forum (as well as Facebook), they blame the shutdown on "unforeseen circumstances involving the Arizona liquor board [sic]."

Tonight's edition of UK Thursdays was obviously cancelled and an appearance by San Francisco electro-crunk twosome Lazer Sword has been moved to early September. (Local burlesque troupe Scandalesque also stated through its Facebook that their "Shameless" showcase on Friday would be postponed until July 9). 

I've fired off e-mails and text messages in the last couple hours to a few of the parties involved to track down further details. Like I said, it could be a combo of each, but when it comes to the local nightlife scene in recent years, "remodeling" is sometimes code for "problems with the liquor board."

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