Muy bromantica.
Muy bromantica.

Club Candids at Fibber Magees

We found ourselves way out in the East Valley on Saturday night and we thought it might be a good idea to poke around one of Chandler's old stand-by's, Fibber Magees. Now, it was freakin' freezing that night so we were a little worried everyone was home, cuddled up in their Snuggies, playing Wii. But Fibber's managed to bring in a crowd of local rowdies that were ready to blow off some middle-class steam.

As usual, most patrons were super friendly. Although there was one little incident where a drunk dude smacked me in the back of the head with his lacrosse trophy. Oh, and then there was the guy who made a really degrading joke about me masturbating to the slideshow photos.

Yeah, so, other than that, good people.

Fibber Magees, 1989 W. Elliot Rd. (SE corner of Dobson and Elliot roads) in Chandler, 480-722-9434.


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