This just about sums it up.
This just about sums it up.

Club Candids at Ransom at Philthy Phil's

We decided to drop by Philthy Phil's this past Friday (March 19) to check out Craig Citizen's latest nightlife brain child, Ransom.

Citizen is one of the guys responsible for the now-defunct Faux Show Friday Nights at Glam, Party Foul at Homme Lounge, and Gosh Damn! at Club Vibe.

It's true, Philthy Phil's defines the dive bar (just check out the hilarious blog our beloved Day Drinker wrote). But we just loved the mix-up of Phoenix's hottest hipsters and the bar's regulars (check the slideshow for evidence).

Yes, everyone was on their best behavior through some awkward exchanges but we're betting this kind of thing makes for a great excuse to get some serious drinkin' and dancin' done.

Philthy Phil's, 2939 North 16th Street.


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