Club Candids

Club Candids at The Mint

The Scottsdale nightlife crowd is a die-hard bunch indeed, fully dedicated to going wild out at their favorite after-dark emporiums of alcoholic fun no matter what weekend it happens to be, or whatever the weather's like outside.

The Old Town entertainment district's raucous repast of bars and clubs are abuzz with bodies whether temps are sky-high in triple digit territory (particularly if there's some sort of pool involved) or during the rare occasions when there's rain. This trend once again proved true this past weekend as Scottsdale's DJ and drinking domains remained busy despite things being windy as hell and damn chilly to boot, especially over at The Mint.

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The haute hotspot was just that as a largely well-heeled throng dressed in their usual swanky style gathered at The Mint to celebrate both opulence and decadence at the multimillion-dolar, money-themed nightlife haven. It kept things muy caliente inside while Mother Nature was unleashing her cold shoulder outside.

Patrons seemed to have a bit of a glow about them as they filled the dance floor or gathered four deep at The Mint's two bars, either from imbibing handcrafted signature cocktails, busting a boogaloo to EDM remixes from DJ MCB, or because of the illumination provided by the club's signature lighting elements (like that nifty crystaline LED cube).

Those who were out and about at The Mint still looked like a million bucks, especially the skew of model-quality members of the fairer sex who seemed to outnumber the opposite sex by about two-to-one.

We seemed to be right on the money when we stopped on Friday night, coming at the point where Mint patrons had sampled enough premiums spirits to be relaxed or friendly enough to pose for a snapshot or provide some amusing antics without being so soused that they were tripping over themselves.

Some of the pics we captured were pure gold, which you can see for yourself by clicking through this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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