Club Candids at Tune in Tokyo

We've been to Star Swim and we've been to Cheap Thrills. So our Saturday nights seemed pretty packed with options already. But now, we've got one more to add to the list. It's called Tune in Tokyo, it's at the Hotel San Carlos' Copper Door Bar and it's the latest incarnation by local promoter Jen Devereaux (look, look it's the slideshow!).

We hit it this past Saturday, June 20th, and while the night wasn't super-duper packed, we think this little DJ dance evening has some legs (or, at the very least, the sexy hipster chicks were showing theirs on Saturday). Tune in Tokyo is just down the street from the Wyndham and could be the most perfect after party for Star Swim. Take into consideration that come July, the lightrail will run past 2 a.m. and...

...oh boy, we've got ourselves a winner.

Tune In Tokyo runs every Saturday at the Hotel San Carlos' Copper Door Bar from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. 202 N. Central Ave in downtown Phoenix, 602-253-4121.

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