Club Candids: Big Fish Pub

These guys really want you to check the slideshow.

It's not usually our style to go out on a Sunday night. But since we have a soft spot for benefit shows, we decided to actually take a shower and put on a little make-up (for a change).

We certainly weren't the only ones. It was a pretty big surprise to see so many people out on a Sunday Night. Everyone gathered at Big Fish Pub to catch Kinch, Black Carl and Kirkwood Dellinger -- all local bands playing to benefit Radio Phoenix, an up and coming local radio station.

And while Club Candids is not here to give you a sophisticated music review of the performances, suffice it to say the bands rocked and there were lots of drunk girls dancing. What more of a review do you want?

Big Fish Pub, 1954 E. University Dr. in Tempe, 480-449-3474,  


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