Club Candids: Chaos Theory 9 at Legend City Studios

By Lilia Menconi

For more sterile poses, check the slideshow.

Not that we don’t love the youth of Phoenix, but it sometimes gets a little much on a busy First Friday, when you accidentally rub up against a greasy teenager as you’re trying to get through a gallery. Not the most comfortable situation for those of us over 25. But, such is Roosevelt Row. While we appreciate the energy of the kids, we were looking for something a little more grown up on Friday, October 3.

We headed to Legend City Studios for Chaos Theory 9. Organized by local artist Randy Slack, the guy brought in more than 40 Phoenix artists, a stellar DJ, Jen Ben on cello, and the most important ingredient: booze. Unfortunately for us, the Charles Shaw was tapped out by the time we showed up. Apparently, age doesn’t make for high-class wine drinkers when options are limited. Either way, it’s better than the Boones Farm those kids on Roosevelt were likely sucking down. Regardless of the alcohol situation, there were plenty of stylish professionals mingling and socially jerking off to make for a great night of people watching and photo snapping.

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