Club Candids:D'Arcy McGee's at Tempe Market Place on Thursday, July 17

By Lilia Menconi

The power of their attractiveness makes you want to check the slideshow.

Tempe just got a lot bigger . . . if you happen to be in the bar scene, that is. Since we can remember, a night out in Tempe meant Mill Avenue or Casey Moore’s or — well, Casey Moore’s. But with Tempe Marketplace up and running, we’re discovering a whole new source for our weekly socializing requirements. On Thursday, July 17, we hit D’Arcy McGee’s to find some similar souls looking to start the weekend early. The low-key Irish Pub had a healthy crowd of 20-somethings, for a Thursday night. Many were chowing down on bar food and killing time until they could hit the movie theater for the The Dark Knight premiere. Movie dweebs aside, D’Arcy’s fit the bill for a night of friendly chats and some fine drinking.

D'Arcy McGee's, Tempe Marketplace, 2000 E Rio Salado Parkway (Located next to Harkins Theatre), 480-557-9087

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