Club Candids

Club Candids: Easter Egg Hunt at American Junkie

For staunch practitioners of the Christian faith, the Friday before Easter is ordinarily devoted to worship and reflection. The heathens and hellions over at Scottsdale's American Junkie, however, spent their Good Friday practicing some bad behavior.

The Old Town sports bar and nightclub held a raucous Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, April 6, which was in line with the holiday's more non-Christian and Pagan-like origins as was filled with a variety of sexy and silly shenanigans.

See the full Club Candids at American Junkie slideshow.

For those who've never cracked a history book, Easter was more a celebration of springtime fertility rites for such ancient Europeans as the Pagans, Saxons, and Teutons (hence all the association with rabbits and eggs) and was a helluva reason to throw a major party and feast for the masses.

A similar situation was brewing over at American Junkie this past Friday as its proprietors used the Easter holiday weekend as an excuse to throw a springtime feast-like affair of the Old Town variety.

Although we didn't witness patrons hunting down any eggs, they were definitely on the prowl for some bunny bootie while sipping on sweet spirits, munching on ice cream bars, and bouncing around to the Top 40 sounds laid down by DJ Earth as waitresses dressed as buxom and beautiful bunnies. 

Easter baskets were scattered throughout the place as one American Junkie employee sporting bunny ears stood atop the bar and helped young lasses spin the joint's wheel of booze and poured shots straight into their mouths.

The Club Candids cameras were at the nightspot for the party, and while we didn't spy anyone dressed as Zombie Jesus, we did grab a few pics of the proceedings. Frankly, we wouldn't be surprised if that's the theme of American Junkie's Easter party next year. Until then check out all the snapshots we grabbed for this week's slideshow.

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