Club Candids: Fibber Magee's

Fibber Magee's on Friday, August 22nd

By Lilia Menconi

These ladies are wild. Just like our slideshow.

It’s not often we haul our cookies out to the East Valley for some cocktails. But being that Fibber Magee’s has established itself as a staple of the area’s nightlife, we just had to hit it up. On Friday, August 22, we were pleasantly surprised. One might think the place would be teeming with douche-y dudes and “Hanes Her Way”-type ladies, but we actually spied some pretty decent babes and saw a thong line or two. Sexy.

The night was like any other pub night — lots of booze, lots of conversation — and then, of course, the crowd rocked an inevitable group sing-along to the cover band. Couldn’t really ask for much more out of a Friday night.

Fibber Magees Irish Restaurant and Pub, 1989 W. Elliot Rd. #19 in Chandler, 480-722-9434, www.fibbermageespub.com

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