Club Candids: Goodbye to Glam

Glam on Friday, June 27th and Saturday, June 28th.

By Lilia Menconi

We may not have Glam anymore but we've got a butt-load of photos in the slideshow.

Oh, God, it can't be true. Glam closing? Really? Nnnnnooooo!!!!!

It's no secret that Glam has been our hands-down favorite club for the past couple of years. We've drunkenly slipped and eaten shit on the Saturday Night Fever dance floor, we've shamelessly made out with cute boys in the corners, and pathetically cried in the stinky bathroom. It's just about everything we'd ever hoped for in our nightlife.

So when we learned that Glam was shutting down forever, we mainlined as much of that place as our livers could handle and hit it up for both Faux Show Friday on June 27 and Word Up Saturday on June 28. Both nights gave us some glorious final hours of sweaty chaos. On Friday, the dance floor cracked and broke. On Saturday, a trashcan came tumbling down and spilled all its disgusting garbage juice. But no one cared. We just danced around the hole in the floor and got our feet wet in the puddle of watered down backwash. True to form, right until the end.

Glam, we'll miss you.


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