Club Candids

Club Candids: Housed

Perfect Timing Entertainment's Grid City on Thursday, July 3rd.

By Lilia Menconi

It gets weirder. Check the slideshow for more.

It's really not that unusual for us to end up in some strange house downtown. Typically, we're one of the stragglers at the alluring yet oft-disappointing after-party -- scrounging for any drop of alcohol to ease the anxiety as we watch the sun come up. Still, we believe that bedrooms and backyards make for some of the best mischief, so when we snagged a flier for Grid City -- a dance party taking place on Thursday, July 3, in a house off of Seventh Street and Pierce -- we figured we'd feel right at home. Or right at someone else's home.

Everyone had Friday off, so the kids turned up in droves. Drunkards were dancing in the living room and hanging on the back patio, completely guilt-free about their weeknight partying. The shindig was put on by Perfect Timing Entertainment, and as we would rank this event as "relatively glorious," we'll gladly hit another one of their parties.

Perfect Timing Entertainment, 617 North 7th Street Suite C, 623-206-5097,

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Lilia Menconi
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