Club Candids

Club Candids: Latin Royal at The Monarch Theatre

The trio of Pete "SuperMix" Salaz, Sean Badger, and Edson Madrigal admit they haven't been getting much downtime (or even sleep) as of late. That's because they've been working nonstop running two downtown Phoenix clubs, including the newly launched Monarch Theatre.

Salaz says the trio pulled 24-hour shifts in the days leading up to the Monarch's soft opening on April 20. And while they've snuck in some shut eye since then, he admits, they're still going around the clock to keep things running smoothly and getting the place up to snuff for grand opening during Memorial Day weekend.

"We did make it to the finish line and opened on time," he says. "In our mind if we were able to open the doors, if one person showed up, it would've been a success."

By that logic, the trio must really feel like pimps, considering that more than 400 showed up for the soft opening weekend.

Here's another sign that the club's a success: Just as many peeps - if not more -- turned out for the Monarch's second weekend. That includes the cameras of Club Candids, who stopped by the venue's Friday night dance party Latin Royal.

Hip-hop, reggaeton, and Latin music videos were projected in ginormous fashion on either side of the Monarch's stage and chicas and hipsters mixed with artists, vatos and barrio babes on the dance floor all evening. You can see who else turned out for a night of dancing and drinking via this week's Club Candids slideshow.

And while were were snapping away, Salaz, Badger, and Madrigal moved between their two clubs and kept things going behind the scenes.

Hope they've got plenty of energy drinks in stock. They're gonna need em.

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