Club Candids: SideBar

Club Candids: SideBar

Bartenders make it aaallllllll better. Slideshow.

The Southwest corner of 7th Ave and McDowell has rocked a pretty decent daytime clientele since Starbucks and Pei Wei took over the building. Now, we expect that corner to be bumpin' well until last call with the new addition of SideBar.

This hot little spot is on the second story and is a total winner if you're in the neighborhood and seeking a little more class - they had a high-end selection of liquor and seat covers for the toilets (yes!). On Friday, December 20th, we were treated to an evening with a crowd who hold day jobs, dress in dry clean only and love to get wasted. God bless 'em.

--Lilia Menconi

Sidebar, 1514 N. 7th Ave (SW corner of 7th Ave and McDowell, 2nd Story) in Phoenix, 602-254-1646,


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