Club Candids: Silverio Blackout Party

By Lilia Menconi

Silverio Blackout Party on Saturday, August 30th

For more, take a look at our slideshow. And, yes, it happens to be muy caliente.

So maybe we spent too much time in Spencer’s Gifts when we were 14-year-old mallrats, but we’ve always been suckers for black lights. Sure, they make the lint on your shirt really pop and bring out the plaque in your teeth, but goddamn, there were some sexy teenage make-outs with that lighting. Not to mention, we have a soft spot for that Wham! video -- but that’s another issue.

So if someone’s throwing a black-out party, we’re busting out our best white-with-fluorescent ensemble and hitting it up. On Saturday, August 30th, we couldn’t pass up the Silverio Blackout Party with Maria Daniela Y Su Sonido Lasser and Devon Disaster on tour from Mexico. Even with a last-minute venue change, the local Latino hipster crowd brought it with some stellar outfits that glowed beautifully under the black bulbs.



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