Club Candids

Club Candids: Sundays 4-2-10 at El Hefe

Football fans can be a rather crazy lot. Setting aside the fact they spend around four months out of every year obsessing over a single team and practically living and dying on their every move, pigskin addicts are more than willing to watch games in the freezing cold, while wearing wild outfits, or while following some rather unusual rituals.

Plus, gridiron groupies are known to be some pretty insane party animals, especially those in the 18-25 demographic. For proof of such, hang out at an ASU tailgating session, or - better yet - check out the even crazier crowd inside El Hefe in Scottsdale on any given Sunday.

That's when the "super macho taqueria" on Saddlebag Trail stages its weekly Sundays 4-2-10 soiree, which - on most weekends - tends to feature massive amounts of alcohol-chugging (big surprise), as well as track-spinning and rump-shaking.

During the NFL season, however, it becomes a ginormous football-related fiesta that tends to get even more unhinged as patrons bros and babes clad in their snazziest jerseys (and other officially licensed apparel)practically scream as they cheer on their favorite teams to victory while competing with with whatever DJs working the sound system in a battle to see who can be the noisiest.

And as if you somehow missed the navy blue and orange-colored balloons, pennants, or flags decorating the place (or the giant inflatable football player outside the front door), El Hefe is a stronghold for Chicago Bears fans. It's due to co-owner Jon Wright being a native of the Windy City and diehard devotee of Da Bears, which means you probably shouldn't take the name of either Walter Payton, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, or Mike Ditka in vain, bub, lest you'd like to be shown the door.

And while we didn't hear anyone wonder aloud about who would win in a fight between Ditka and God (a la that classic old school Saturday Night Live skit Bill Swerski's Super Fans), we did overhear one drunken Caucasian patron squeal in delight when Las Vegas club star DJ Lema started spinning a remix of Pharoahe Monch's hit "Simon Says."

"Oh yeah, I FUCKING love this song!"

If only we could've dropped a penalty flag on the dude for being too much of a white boy.

And while we couldn't capture this particular awkward moment with our cameras, we did grab snaps of other cats and kittens in the house for Sundays 4-2-10, which you can see for yourself via this week's Club Candids slideshow.

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