Club Candids

Club Candids: The British Open Pub on Saturday, June 21

By Lilia Menconi

As we approached our 80th Club Candids, we were beginning to think this town was totally tapped out. These past weeks, we’ve had to be a bit bolder with our choices and run the risk of heading into clubs that felt more like superficial war zones than a sea of exciting prospects. But this weekend, the gamble paid off when we found a spot that is totally our style.

Okay, so he's not a hot chick. Just look at the slideshow anyway.

The British Open Pub is tucked into the same plaza as Papago Brewery (another fave). Inconspicuous and tiny, it was no surprise that we’d discovered a relaxed crowd inside. The place was clean, with comfy booths, a hardwood bar, and a lovely little corner with a few arcade games and darts. Patrons were happily munching on some tasty-looking pub food and enjoying conversation that was actually audible. (Not to mention, there were some pretty fine babes behind the bar.) It’s moments like these that make this club-hopping gig worth it.

The British Open English Pub in Scottsdale, 1334 N Scottsdale Rd, 480-941-4915

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Lilia Menconi
Contact: Lilia Menconi