Club Silver Open For Business Once Again

Club Silver Open For Business Once Again

Club Silver has had a rocky history, to say the least. The downtown Phoenix dance parlor was opened back in 2007, then it was shut down by the city in 2008, reopened later that year, and later closed down yet again for unspecified reasons last October. Now its been reopened again after dealing with whatever issues that forced its closure.

Sergio "Surge Nights" Norzagaray, the nightlife promoter who serves as Silver's marketing director, says plenty of changes have been made to the place. The floors and furniture are all new, the lighting scheme has been redone, and one of those liquid nitrogen-powered CO2 systems that blasts jets of cold air (a la Axis-Radius) has been installed.

"It's back and better than ever," Norzagaray says.

He's also booked two new weekend events at Silver: On Fridays, DJ M2 and Fresh85 will spin electro, urban hits, dance music, and mash-ups during "We Rock Hip-hop." And Saturday nights will feature DJ Dario and DJ Skandalis dropping hip-hop and Latin tracks.

An "official" grand opening party will also take place sometime in October. Here's hoping they can keep the place open for good this time around.

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