Coachella 2015 Band and Drug Pairings Guide

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Christopher Victorio
Band: Reverend Horton Heat
 Drugs: Vodka (alternately Gin), cocaine 
Celebrate Martini Time by dumping half that smuggled-in vodka into a lemonade. That's as close as it gets this weekend to the real thing, but damned if it's not more appropriate. Add a little spooner to celebrate getting your stash onto the festival grounds--just avoid doing bales this early in the day.

Max Bell
Band: Action Bronson Drugs: Cannabis Sativa (wax)

Fire up a vape during Bronsolini's Friday afternoon set. Double points if its the Action Bronson microG model. The head high will be fueled by tasty rhymes courtesy the freshest chef in the rap game. Head to the Beer Barn eateries in the terrace to cure your munchies before the man tries to crowd surf, though.

MCA/ABC Records (file photo)
Band: Steely Dan Drugs: Tequila and blow 
Sing it with me, The Cuervo Gold, the fiiiiiine Columbian! This is your Friday highlight folks. Nailed it.

Timothy Norris
Band: AC/DC
Drugs: Hells Bells 
Are you a legit enough hesher to drop trumpet at Coachella? I dare you, son. Make sure you roll with a Xanax in your pocket, bro. Just in case.

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