Coachella 2015 Band and Drug Pairings Guide

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Alex Distefano
Band: Bad Religion 
Drugs: Sobriety

 While not straight edge per se, Bad Religion gets pretty close. Soberchella is an actual thing. This pack of weirdos that don't like to get fucked up at a music festival meet up on message boards and enjoy being sober at Coachella together. Ironically this might be the trippiest thing about the whole weekend.

Jeremiah Garcia
Band: Belle & Sebastian
 Drug: Hydrocodone, IPA

A light, tickly opiate buzz meshes well with anything from Scotland in the '90s. There really is no better time to do your wisdom tooth leftovers. Oh, the feels!

Karatyshov/ Wikimedia Commons
Band: SBTRKT Drug: IPA, Molly

Drink craft beer straight through the Jack White set, add molly powder on your tongue during Seven Nations Army, and wash it down with the last sip of your IPA. Then get your ass over to Sahara for the sexified bass spectacular that is SBTRKT. Prepare to be overwhelmed by everything.

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