Coming Soon to Scottsdale: Revolver Lounge

New year, new nightclub in Scottsdale.

When the swank SIX Lounge closed earlier back in April, it figured that such a prime piece of Old Town real estate wasn't going to remain vacant for long. And thanks to the efforts of nightlife entrepreneur Steve McDonald (one of the original proprietors of SIX back in the day and used to run Geisha a Go Go), the space is getting a whole new look and new name.

As was reported in July, McDonald took over the spot and has been hard at work on the place ever since.

McDonald will re-open the spot as Revolver Lounge sometime in the coming weeks. Construction of the nightspot has been ongoing for the past few months and there have been recent job postings on the Internet looking for waitresses and bartenders.

So what's the place gonna look like? Here's a description straight from the Intarwebz:

Nestled in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale Revolver combines a tour de force of hospitality, design and ambiance. Featuring a seductively dark and elegant atmosphere Revolver will leave an indelible mark on the Scottsdale nightlife experience.

Its elegant design and unparalleled service will make it the choice destination for cultured nightlife enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from turn of the century design elements, Revolver couples classic style with modern luxury providing Scottsdale with a long awaited opulent lounge destination.

Rumor has it that Revolver might be open on New Year's Eve, but I haven't gotten any confirmation from McDonald as of this writing. Stay tuned for further details.

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