Cosplay: An excuse for adults to play dress-up (outside the bedroom)

Shh... Today, dear readers, I'm going to let you in on a little geek secret: We self-proclaimed nerds, geeks and dorks have an internal rating system. Think of it as a 1-10 scale of geekdom, with 1 being the girl who wears a bowl cut and plastic glasses in an urban-chic way and 10 being this guy:

Whether you aspire to be a 1 or a 10 in Geekland, well, that's your prerogative. One of the highest-ranked activities in the system is cosplay, which rates about an 8 (-2 if the participants are totally hot) on the geek scale. What is cosplay, you ask? Let us enlighten you.

Basically, it's the adult version of dress-up; more specifically, it's a type of performance art where participants dress as costumed characters. There are different types of cosplay, including Lolita (underage-looking girly getups), Maid/Waitress, Anime, movie and television characters, blah, blah... As the host at last Friday's CosPlay Exhibit and Competition put it, they're the "Anime version of Trekkies." Oh, God help us

See what we learned at the exhibit after the jump!

There's no official age limit.
It's probably time to hang up the cosplay robes for good when your friends start giving you "Over the Hill" gifts. Depending on how young you look, that could be age 30, 40, 50...but definitely when you start balding or the boob-to-navel measurement's less than a hand's width. Because seriously, do you want to see granny's sagging parts in this?

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