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Country Crooner Mike Easterday on Appearing on CMT's Music City Madness and the Perils of Getting His Music on the Radio

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You were featured on CMT's Music City Madness a couple of times. Could you tell me about that competition and what it did for you as a songwriter?

It was just a competition for songwriters, and nothing ever really came of it. That competition, as I remember it, would eliminate half the people per round. So I think I was top eight, as I recall. Yeah, the voting is one of those things where it depends on how many people go on and vote and for how long [they vote] because you can vote as many times as you want.

It was probably one of my first experiences having my original stuff out there, where more people could hear it than just my family. Yeah, that was a good experience because I got to go on the radio station in Yuma and kind of plug it.

What has been your biggest obstacle so far being a musician and being in this business? I'd say trying to keep a band together is one of the hardest things. I met my guitar player and it took about two years to really start playing out, and then we sort of dissolved. Then we had to get players again and get back together and start playing locally.

And then songwriting and stuff -- that's always a challenge in general. You know, you get mental blocks or something and you can't write. You're a writer so you know. Just when you can't think of anything to write about.

And not knowing how to navigate the waters, necessarily, you know, like if you want to get your music played nationally. It's like what do you do? There are a billion people out there who are like me. Everyone's trying to do the same thing.

What's something that you look forward to with every performance? People being there! Yeah, it's a lot more fun when there are a lot of people there. Playing at San Tan [Flat] is really nice because it's really calm and I can just sit there and play. It's really laid back. But I like the difference with the band because you're playing with more people and there's a lot more energy and it's later at night.

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