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7. Super Deluxe, via satellite (Revolution) Singable songs bottlenecking pop's past, born of TV-weaned insights and the glory of four perfectly placed chords. Now open up and say ahh!

8. Love Spit Love, Trysome Eatone (Maverick) Warholian rock star Richard Butler's Love Spit Love comes clean with a near-perfect pastiche of pop, topical pap and organized noise: From the obligatory Furs-ish guitar-bass-drum sucker punch of "Long Time Gone" to the almost baroque "Believe," the choruses soar, the verses throb, and each song is sturdy enough to stand on its own three feet.

9. The Pistoleros, Hang On to Nothing (Hollywood) A prerequisite to ace rock 'n' roll is chemistry as defined by the masters: Jagger/Richards, Lennon/McCartney, Tyler/Perry, Strummer/Jones, blah blah blah . . . And in barrio brothers Zubia, that tradition is as on as the soaring mariachi horns in this season's most heartbreaking three minutes: Doug Hopkins' musical epistle to his girlfriend penned shortly before his suicide, "My Guardian Angel." And that song, on this album, could bring a bit of needed credibility to the strip-mall-maligned Mill Avenue.

10. Piersons, Appleberry Wine (Epiphany) Exuberance over content is necessary for maxi-brat rock 'n' roll. Any idiotic, beer-swilling Hootie obsessive knows that, and Appleberry Wine is best served in a loud, drunken, prefuck environ.

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