Crizzly on How He Hates Subgenres, Doesn't Do Drugs, and Loves "Big Booty Bitchezz"

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One of your more infamous tracks is "Big Booty Bitchezz." Do you, in fact, have a love for big-booty bitches? Oh, most definitely.

What's the best thing about 'em? Just everything, there's no one bad thing and there's a million good things. It's all encompassing. It's the fruit of life.

Any other subgenres you'd like to invent? Nah, I actually hate subgenres. I'd rather just call everything dubstep. Subgenres create a lot of arguments and that's never fun. I mean, I love creating new styles and new ideas and my friends do it too, since there's a lot of creative stuff going on in EDM. But I don't want to coin anything. I'm fine with what we've got so far. I think I can uses slashes or hyphens to pretty much describe anything now.

In previous interviews and videos, you've tended to have a certain attitude or hyperactive energy. You're a much more mellow right now, however. Is that intentional? Oh yeah, I've definitely been more mellow. I took a pretty hard hit at the beginning of the year and it's just affected me. Not a whole lot, but I'm definitely a lot more tired than I used to be. You gotta pace yourself, that's the thing. I'm just some dude, but I think a lot of people kinda build their own idea of what I am or who I am. They kinda just make up what I could be, cause its kinda hard to tell who somebody truly is with just text or whatever. A lot of people also think I'm black.

How come? Well, the hip-hop, mostly.

What misconceptions do people have about you? There's a million different things that people think I am. In reality, I'm really boring.

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