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"A lot of producers can be really overbearing. Rob was just the opposite. He's very into having the band do what they wanna do. It's important to realize with things on records, that the purpose of recording is to present the music in the most ideal way possible, but it shouldn't be perfect 'cause then what's the fun? Where's the life in it, y'know?"

With STD's first single creeping onto radio stations across the U.S., its video in heavy rotation on M2 and bound for MTV in January, and its tour selling out city-by-city (D'Amico is speaking post-sound check at Philadelphia's legendary Trocadero, where the band has sold out two nights in a row), one wonders where it's all headed. Saves the Day isn't worrying about it.

"It's strange to see our name on, like, Billboard charts -- you're getting pushed up to another bracket. But I don't think it's uncomfortable. Our mentality about the band has always been that we're gonna do what we wanna do on our own terms, and it's really exciting that people have embraced it like they have," D'Amico says. "It's definitely a little weird, the fact that we're getting played on certain radio stations with lots of other shitty rap-metal bands, like Staind and whatever else, Creed . . . whatever. But it's cool 'cause I like to think that maybe kids are gonna hear our music and think, 'That other stuff really sucks, why have I been wasting my time listening to that?' We're not gonna change the world with our music or anything, but if nothing else I would hope to turn on kids who normally wouldn't listen to certain things, turn them on to the music we listen to and the music we're influenced by."

For Rich Egan, president of the biggest indie-rock label in America, Saves the Day and Vagrant's prosperity is a gratifying experience, but when asked where he thinks STD's potential will lead, he's reticent about contemplating the extremes of commercial success. "I certainly hope for it, but it's one of those kind of things where if that's your goal and you set out to do that, then you're probably gonna end up somewhere that you don't wanna be because you end up compromising to get there. I want to see the band go as far as they possibly can go. I know that Saves the Day is going to continue to make great songs, and if the public's taste and the pendulum starts to swing towards great songs, then Saves the Day will probably get their due."

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