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Digital Summer Touring with Sevendust and Drowning Pool

It's been almost two years since I profiled Digital Summer, and I'm still getting shit for it to this day.

More times than I can count, certain local musicians or hip-hop artists have told me they think the West Valley hard rock band "really sucks" and asked why this publication devoted an entire cover story to such an act.

Well, if you happen to be one of those cats who've slagged on Digital Summer in my presence, you might want to skip this particular blog post.

The band will be opening for Sevendust and Drowning on their upcoming spring tour, which starts next week with a gig in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Along with the nu-metal headliners, Digital Summer will hit more than 25 burgs across the country over the next few months (including a hometown show at the Marquee Theatre on March 14).

They've also got a new album in the works (Counting the Hours), featuring a few tracks that you'll probably hear on KUPD in the coming weeks.

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