DJ Dossier

DJ Adam Osuna Talks Lady Gaga, House Music, Asher Roth, Lawnchair Generals, and More

Name: Adam Anthony O'Suna, Sr.

Nickname: Suna, brah!

Current club nights: I play out when the opportunity presents itself. On guest rotation at Skyline on Fridays, Solstice on Saturdays, and Retro Hi-Fi about every month or so.

Genres spun: Real house, jackin and good deep with a solid groove (but up-tempo), as well as underground hip-hop, '80s funkiness and some indie shizz on occasion.

Other clubs you've performed at: I've played at Myst, Six, Suede, Pussycat Lounge, plus a bunch of venues no longer around. I frequent Cooperstown with a rock kinda thing.

Which bygone club do you miss the most? Probably Freedom.

How did you get started as a DJ? As a kid, my best friend and I would pretend to have our own radio station and do every thing from the music to the commercials. As we got older we would make mixtapes by dubbing cassettes. Music was always a big part of my life and over time DJing just felt like the way for me. By 15, I got my first turntables and mixer never looked back.

What's your mantra when it comes to DJing? Just want to rip the roof of this place and represent for house music. I love to feel [that] everyone in the room is listening and I'm in total control.

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