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DJ Angel Toxin on Misconceptions People May Have About Goths and Candy Kids

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Such things are de rigueur at the weekly event, as each edition typically features some sort of theme and a majority of attendees wear bizarre outfits or maybe just some black pleather. In the last month alone, the couple has put on such wild affairs as "Steampunk Synthesis" and the "Fuck Me, I'm Irish" fiesta during St. Patrick's weekend.

Tomorrow night is no exception as the couple presents the latest City of Madness, which is feature the return of Tek NOIR and an all-out assault of industrial and goth upon your eardrums. Up on the Sun recently spoke with Slaughter and asked her how she and Apollynon come up with their weekly themes, why there are so few she-jays in Phoenix, and certain misconceptions people may have about goths and candy kids.

Name: Sidney Slaughter

AKA: DJ Angel Toxin

Preferred genres: Dubstep, dirty house, EBM, goth, industrial, synthpop, and electro. However, I am constantly looking to expand the list.

Explanation behind your name: Originally it was a toss up between two names the first being Toxic H8 and the one I have now Angel Toxin. Toxic H8 was actually a spin off of my old Gamer tag on Xbox. Angel Toxin was simply a mix of my angel complex (I like helping people a lot) and that tag. Plus, the name Angel Toxin kind of makes you think: what's toxic to angels?

Did you know that you can't have slaughter without "laughter"? Indeed I did. Something morbid is always a good laugh

What's the most morbid thing you've laughed at? Without creating too much controversy, Michael Jackson's death.

Why? He died pumped full of prescription drugs meant to keep him sane, healthy, and pain- free. None of those go together without some logical repercussion. The glorious lapse in common sense is I think what truly makes me laugh at it. Yes, he was talented in a multitude of areas but not the sharpest tool in the shed.

How did you get into the DJ game? My sister use to be a die-hard candy kid and in her raver days about 10 years ago she picked up a couple of Technics. When she wasn't around, I'd sneak into her room and play with them figuring out what the controls did. Finally, she brought me to a rave where a bunch of her friends DJ and I got to see first hand how some of it worked. I didn't really attempt to spin until I was encouraged by an old friend, DJ Pimpy to try out vinyl. I attempted and train wrecked a lot but eventually started sounding alright.

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