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DJ Angel Toxin on Misconceptions People May Have About Goths and Candy Kids

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What misconceptions do people have about candy kids or goth kids? Everyone assumes all candy kids are drug lovers and some are, but not all. I was never really into that. When my sister took me to my first rave, I think I was the only person in all black. As for goth misconceptions, we don't worship Satan, nor do we cut ourselves, and, yes, we realize Halloween isn't for awhile. We just enjoy the darker side of life.

Why do you think there are so few female DJs in Phoenix? I honestly couldn't tell you. My guess is perhaps there are more but they haven't been given the opportunity to prove themselves.

What's your philosophy when it comes to DJing? Feel the energy of the people around and bring out the soul of the dance floor. People come out after a hard days work to let loose and feel the music. It doesn't judge them or how they dance, it's there to release tension and to bring out inner expression...and all that hippy/happy stuff.

How do you and Apollynon come up with the themes for each week's City of Madness? Some of them are recycled themes from my line of small fetish house parties I use to throw in Tucson. Others we brainstorm for. Typically, we pick something completely ridiculous so much so that people wind up loving it. Usually it just a matter of bouncing ideas off of each other and our guests.

Any crazy ones you've shot down? We haven't gotten any super crazy requests just yet. I think one that's pretty silly that we will be doing in April is EARMERGERDDERN, a meme costume dance night. Pretty crazy I know but we are going to have prizes for best costume.

Are you dressing as the goosebumps gerl? I was thinking of dressing up as Derpina...or the irritated Olympic medalist

Expecting any Grumpy Cats? Tons.

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