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DJ Anthony Hart Leaving Phoenix for (Where Else?) New York City Next Month

Here's some heartbreaking news for Phoenix's DJ and indie music scenes: Anthony Hart (who goes by the stage name DJ HartBreaks) is planning to vacate the Valley next month and will head for the concrete jungle of New York City.

The 29-year-old made his plans known yesterday via Facebook, posting the message "It's set! I'm moving to New York March 16th!" along with an iPhone screen grab of his flight itinerary. He also dropped something of a vague hint at his intentions earlier this week on Facebook, posting a YouTube video of Blockhead's "NYC Bounce" along with the message "start spreading the news."

I spoke very briefly with HartBreaks during last night's edition of The Scenario at Bar Smith, where he serves as resident (at least for the next few weeks). When asked the standard question of why he's blowing town, Hart gave me the standard reply of any local artist who's been bitten by the wanderlust bug and is yearning for greener pastures.

"More opportunities," he said.

Around this time last year, we posited that Hart was P-Town's "Hipster DJ King In Waiting" and would eventually supplant the venerated William Fucking Reed, who was (at the time) planning a move to the Empire State. A year later, the roles and goals of both Reed and Hart have been reversed as the DJs have essentially swapped places.

The Long Goodbye by HartBreaks

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