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DJ Apollynon Rocks Rivethead Sounds, But He Held a Sparkly Flag Aloft During the '96 Super Bowl Halftime Show

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In fact, he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously, as over the course of one conversation he'll make humorous references to how he got his DJ name from the Satanist's Bible before joking about how he held a sparkly flag aloft during the Super Bowl XXX halftime show at Sun Devil Stadium back in 1996.

These days, Peskin is still more inclined to fly his freak flag high during the frenetic and fetishistic Reform School parties he promotes at Sanctum, including tonight's "Greasers and Pin-Ups" event. He took some time recently to tell us what's on tap for this evening's sultry soiree, as well as his opinion on the state of industrial music.

Name: Mark Peskin

AKA: DJ Apollynon

Current gigs: I spin every Friday at Sanctum. I'm the resident DJ and event promoter. It used to be Tranzylvania but [its] dead. Replaced by four monthly event nights.

Preferred genres: Industrial, EBM, electro, and synthpop. I love dance music that makes me feel something.

Why do you dig those sounds? Industrial music is like techno with a soul. It shines a light on different aspects of yourself and lets you explore them. From those darker corners of those places you only show yourself, to the euphoric manic highs you experience when the music lifts you, industrial/EBM has it all.

How did you get into the DJ game? I started in the basement of Nile almost 12 years ago. It was sweaty, dirty, and hot but I loved what I was doing. Eventually Rob Poe and myself moved to the upstairs room and took over the night. After that we did several nights together before I took a few years hiatus.

Do you wish that the current incarnation of the Nile booked as many dance events as the original version? I've spent many a night at the Nile. While it holds a fond spot in my heart it too like all things must evolve. I personally think the venues that are open to us now have more personality and are more fitting for a dance night than the Nile.

Explanation behind your DJ name: Way back in Windows 95 days, I needed a handle and I was reading the Satanic bible for good evil name. I came upon Apollyon [the Greek name for "the destroyer"], but I misread it as Apollynon. Ever since then it's been me. The misspelling actually makes it unique as far as I am aware I am the only Apollynon.

Are you a former practitioner of Satanism? Actually, no. I was just interested in all kinds of religions and the Satanic bible had a bunch of cool names in it.

The devil you say. Why did Tranzylvania die off? The Tranz format wasn't pulling people anymore. It was a great format but it had lost its pizzazz. I instead decided to evolve the [event] to try and make it more than just a dance night and instead make it a destination. A place where you have an experience.

Is the death of Tranzylvania emblematic of a dearth of interest in industrial these days? No. I think of it more as a rebirth. Compare it to your favorite meal. You eat it every week and eventually you're going to get tired of it no matter how much you love it. I think there's a ton of interest in industrial as the surge in numbers and the rise of other nights.

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