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DJ Apollynon Rocks Rivethead Sounds, But He Held a Sparkly Flag Aloft During the '96 Super Bowl Halftime Show

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How hard is it conjuring up new themes for Reform School? Well the first one was easy. Reform School. No sub-themes. Just a night dedicated to one of America's well know and dirty fetishes. It was something I had always wanted to do. I go to Fetish Balls and see tons of girls dressed like schoolgirls and the men drooling after them. Reform School is what I call 'fetish light.' After that it got harder. I have to try and think of something that has broad appeal every month.

Has the whole fetish thing gotten pretty tired? No. I would say just the opposite. While I am not a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, its sales show that America is still hungry to throw off its puritan chains of self-consciousness and embrace its inner freak. We spend too much time wearing the mask for others that sometimes it's nice to just step into the light and be ourselves.

So is Fifty Shades of Grey getting more newbies out into the fetish scene? Like bored housewives and whatnot? I would say yes, just like Marylyn Manson got more kids out into the Goth scene. Some will come and find it's not their thing and others will find a home within the community. New blood isn't necessarily a bad thing.

So why did you choose greasers as a theme? After all, it's more of the domain of rockabilly cats than rivetheads. There is something universally sexy about a man in a white T-shirt and blue Jeans. Plus, I have been in love with pin-ups since I first saw Memphis Belle and bought my first Olivia [De Berardinis] coffee table book. I want there to be eye candy for all. Sexy is Sexy.

Are there many parallels between greasers and fetish folk? Both are hell-bent for leather to a certain degree. The parallel lies more in the pin-up aspect. Pin-ups have long been the fodder for fantasies. And I want everyone to indulge their fantasies just a little bit. It's the spice of life. I personally am excited to see all the ladies out in their victory rolls, and the dancers wearing designs from Hell on Heels couture.

What's something that no one else knows about you? I'm a pretty open book but I did dance in Super Bowl XXX when it was here. I was a glorious flag dancer. Forever known for waving my shiny pole.

Seriously? Yeah, serious. Diana Ross flew in on a helicopter and everything. I was on the Steelers side of the field. They put an ad in the paper that they needed dancers. I went to a tryout with about 1,000 other people and ended up making it. I seem to have a faint recognition of something gold and sparkly. Plus, a 10-foot pole with silver streamers on it.

What's your favorite costume you've worn while performing? Well, I've been a seven-foot tall Sex Robot. That was my favorite. Plus, I've gone as a World War I doughboy, a prom victim, a post apocalyptic survivor, and more. I've also done the Zombie thing for a few gigs but it's not my favorite. Feels overdone I like originality...well, as much as anything is original these days.

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