DJ Dossier

DJ Dossier: Smite

AKA: DJ Smite

Current club night(s): Every first and third Friday I DJ at Rose & Crown in downtown Phoenix. It's free and you won't get anything like it anywhere else.

Preferred genre(s): All types of heavy Latin funky shit. Afro-Colombian funk, cumbia, salsa dura, psych, funk, soul, disco, post-punk, dub, early '80s electro, boogie and slept-on rap.

Where have been your favorite places to spin at in the PHX? House parties. My favorite lounge. After-hours at Quincy's. The puppet theatre. Fate. B-boy battles back in the day.

How did you get your start as a DJ? Back in sixth grade my best friend Ron claimed it was "all bout having the sickest cassingle and custom embroidered hat collection" which he did. His first two drawers in his dresser were nothing but cassette singles and full lengths lined up immaculately. By eighth grade when there were little parties, my more low-profile Filipino homie Dennis would DJ with a gang of tapes. He rocked off of a dual cassette deck with an extra deck he'd bring along to get all the songs cued up on point in his headphones. I would lay back in the cut with him and shot call. I was into making pause tapes. By the time Juice came out I was sold.

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