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DJ Dossier: Squalor

Change is in the air for the monthly freakfests held by Sadisco*, as the kooky cadre of industrial music dance demons are switching things over to a biannual format after next weekend. (Don't fret, the dope DJ collective will still be presenting the annual Fight Club Sadisco in January).

Next weekend's event should be quite a memorable experience, as the group is pulling out all the stops for Satan's Diesel Dicked 666* Circus, an outrageous extravaganza on Halloween night (natch) over at Chasers in Scottsdale.

Sadisco* has been a major part of the PHX's alt-cultural scene since debuting back in 2003, having presented whacked-out debaucherous wingdings designed around a pop-culturish theme each and every month over the past six years. (Some of our favorites were the fetes aping Charlie Manson or Clockwork Orange).

One of the main creative forces behind the group has been the dope dreadlocked DJ known as Squalor, who's served as the leader to his band of misfit mixmasters (including 5arah, Blonde NOize, ///she///, and $&M).

And while many a P-Town party monster might be forlorn that they won't have a Sadisco* to look forward to every few weeks, Squalor isn't exactly shedding any tears over the change. When we spoke to the 34-year-old for this interview, he seems somewhat relieved that he'll won't have to conjure up new themes month after month.

Find out what else is up with Sadisco* by perusing his answers below.

Name: Toby Heidebrink

AKA: Squalor

Preferred genre(s): Anything. If it's loud and mean and fun, I'll play it.

How long have you been a DJ? As long as there's been a Sadisco, since about five years ago. I started because I wanted to hear the songs I wanted to hear when I went to the clubs.

Why did you start Sadisco? There was absolutely nothing going on in this town in 2003. And this town was deader than ever. Other than Hot Pink there wasn't much of anything. There wasn't any Tranz, Club Freedom was dead, and it sucked. We started it because it was the kinda thing you wanted to go to but never got to go to because it didn't exist.

Do you spin at every Sadisco*: For the most part. Sometimes I don't want to and won't. It depends on how much is booked and whether I feel like it.

So why is Sadisco* changing: Just so I don't have to do it every month and focus on doing other things, like making music versus paying people to come play music every month. I just want things to happen naturally and don't want to force it, and, unfortunately, a regular schedule forces things. So as my ideas come, they'll come.

What else are you working on? I'm supposed to be working with HexRx as their third vocalist, because they have a different vocalist for every album. Ultimately, it's gonna be just me myself and I, doing whatever, wherever, whenever. Nothing is set in stone with me or Sadisco*, that's why it's kinda hard to explain everything because I'm taking away all the structure so it will be even more chaotic than it ever was. It will be anything and everything goes all the time from now on, whatever happens. It's actually inspiring a lot of stuff, working with this other bands. Like the FC is fun to book because I don't have more Sadisco's to do before it. It's not month-to-month anymore.

What's the future of Sadisco* going to involve? The thing is, people are thinking that Sadisco* is over after this, and it's not necessarily the case. I mean, it is and it isn't. It's hard to explain. That's why there's not much to say about it because I'm just doing what I'm doing. I'm just not going to be doing them every single month that's really only thing that's changing about. And part of the theme [for Satan's Diesel Dicked 666* Circus] was to kinda make it like "the last Sadisco on Earth."

Will you still put on the annual Fight Club Sadisco*? Yup. That's actually the next one after this in January an undisclosed location.

You're putting on a new night at Homme Lounge called S*X starting next month. What's the deal with that? Basically its gonna be like Sadisco* but it'll be like "ex-Sadisco," the skeleton of what our regular monthly events were. We'll be playing every kind of music. Anything. Everything. There is no format. Zero. Zilch. It's all of our regulars and anyone who wants to DJ. It's just like VEX was, and really won't have any structure to it, except that it's every fourth Saturday. And you pay money in a jar to get into it. It's an anything goes thing. People can do whatever, it's not up to me to say so.

Last album purchased: I actually just paid for Bile's Hate Radio. I'm still waiting for it to come in the mail. I might've paid for Velvet Acid Christ's latest album [The Art of Breaking Apart] after that.

Track currently stuck in your head: That Larry Tee song "Licky," the Vandalism remix.

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