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DJ Hazardous on How Mill Avenue and ASU Parties Hard, In Or Out of Underoos

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It might be due to the fact that he's gigging frequently in the city's bar or has headlined at a couple of the raucous after-parties that have followed the equally raucous annual ASU Undie Run, but Hernandez is firmly of the belief that Tempe can go just as hard as the cats up in The 'Dale.

He explained his reasoning behind this opinion during a recent chat with Up on the Sun, which also included him discussing the time he partied so hard that wound up with an entire rainbow of color coming from his mouth, much like the cartoon unicorn adorning PTC's logo. If you're not disgusted after finishing the preceding paragraph, read on for more.

Name: Damion Hernandez

AKA: DJ Hazardous

Preferred genres: I am an open format kinda of DJ. I like to roll with the times.

Current gigs: Fridays at C.A.S.A. in Tempe, Sundays at Pearl Sushi Lounge in Scottsdale, and Wednesdays and Saturdays at Fat Tuesday in Tempe.

How did you get into the DJ game? It all started back in '96 when my Uncle Mike, that recently passed, dropped a crate of '80s breaks and freestyle vinyl on me. He told me, "Here, do something with this." After that I bought my first pair of turntables, which were crappy belt drive decks. I would just lock myself in my room for hours and just practice.

Friends and family would tell me that I sucked and that just pushed me harder to get that much better. I never stopped then and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I now own about 75 crates of records and still collecting.

What sets you apart from other rank and file DJs in Metro Phoenix? I talk to people and interact with my fans. I don't just go up there and play music, I try to get my crowd involved.

What the biggest moment of your career thus far? Spinning at Axis-Radius the first time and finally being recognized. I gained so many gigs after I did Axis. I had the dance floor packed from start to finish of my set.

What bygone club do you miss the most? Axis-Radius by far. I miss it already.

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