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DJ Hazardous on How Mill Avenue and ASU Parties Hard, In Or Out of Underoos

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What's your favorite track of the moment? "White Satin" by Moody Blues, the Zeds Dead Remix. I love closing my night with that track.

How much work do you put into a particular mix for a given night? Every night is different and I always try to adapt with the crowd. I am consistently in the studio making remixes, mashups and edits for the next week. I try not to do the same set or same mix that I did last week. And that's a challenge.

What's the explanation behind your DJ name? In high school I use to always wear the color orange and my friends would always call me the "hazardous guy." And besides, I'm a little crazy or hazardous, so to speak. My girl says that I am aggressive with my music and the way I play out.

So the music you spin is, um...hazardous? Yes. It's me. I like to tell a hazardous story with my mix. I like to take my crowd on a journey. I'm very aggressive and passionate in my music and [the] mixes I put out.

What's the craziest shit you've seen at a gig? Probably has to be the time I watched a girl get touched [down there] while I was spinning [the] main stage at an event. I was like, "Wow! I've seen it all."

By a dude or another girl? It was a female. It looked like they were on ecstasy.

Where did it happen? Last year's Undie Run

Other than getting to see all the, ahem, touching going on, what's it like DJing for a screaming crowd of ASU kids in their skivvies at the Undie Run after-party? It was the greatest feeling in the world spinning for 9,000 kids. Just knowing they were in the undies made it that much better. But having a crowd so in tune with you makes it that much more amazing, undies or not.

Do you wear undies yourself? No. Endless Entertainment wouldn't let me perform in my Underoos.

What would you have worn if you could've? My Superman Underoos, duh. With a Endless Entertainment Cape.

Which scene is wilder: Mill Avenue or Old Town Scottsdale? Mill Avenue by far. It's ASU College party town, but Scottsdale has the nicer clubs.

Why else do you think Mill is wilder? I feel like the people on Mill have no boundaries and are there to party.That's just my opinion, but I love both either way. I have great times in Scottsdale and in Mill.

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