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DJ Melo Talks Moombahton, SXSW, House Parties, Toy Selectah, KMD, and More

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Worst request you've ever gotten?Anything could be a bad request if you're not ready to play it.

Which underground artists have you been pimping lately? Toy Selectah's about to drop an album and I can't wait for it. I'd love to sneak that into my commercial sets.

What sites do you use for music? Soundcloud. You can get almost everything you need.

Do you shop locally for music? I haven't been to Stinkweeds, but I like going there. I mostly buy online, but I miss those days of digging around at local stores.

How many records are currently in your collection? Wow. My mom's back room at her house is almost the size of a one-car garage and all four walls are filled. About 15,000 records maybe.

What's your favorites in the collection I don't have a lot of rare things and I like that I have a little bit everything. I did a lot of work getting all the '80s New Wave records. I really love those things, the extended 12-inch version of those pop songs. I grew up with those and will always cherish 'em. I also grew up listening to disco as a kid. I had a lot of older brothers and sisters who went out dancing and I inherited their collections.

Last album purchased: KMD's Mr. Hood, the one with "Peachfuzz" on it.

Track that's been going through your head lately? Sounds cheesy, but I've been singing Lady Gaga's latest single. It keeps reminding me of Madonna. If I here that for a second, I'll be singing Madonna and combining them in my head.

When you're not DJing, where can you be found? Taking care of my two kids.

Preferred poison while DJing: Budweiser bottles, that's my thing. My gut don't like it, but you can drink a ton of them and not get too messed up.

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