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DJ Pickster One Launches Fly New Remix Site

've been meaning to compile a list of the PHX's "Top 10 best DJs" for a while now; especially with all the record-spinning talent that are currently populating this 'berg.

Not to tip my hand too much, but when said ranking finally sees the light of day, Pickster One will likely have a prominent spot near the top. 

The Blunt Club resident (who's also known by his Christian name Dusty Hickman) is supremely blessed with an ungodly amount of both music knowledge and turntable talent and seems to spend most of his waking dreaming wonderous ways to spin together bits and pieces of songs to create killer remixes (Or as a commenter posted on my interview with Pickster last December put it, "this guy is a real deal holyfield TURNTABLIST.")

Truer words have never been spoken.

Pickster launched a new website devoted to said remixes featuring hours upon hours of video and audio of some of his latest efforts and current projects (including Crusher Sound System and Move Something) in one slick-looking centralized location.

For instance, take a look-see at this video of the cat doing his thing at the weekly Blunt Club.

The site also functions as an archive of sorts with mixes dating back five years or more, ranging from this underground hip-hop gem from 2004 entitled Rap Sucks, up to his recent New Jack Swing Set from earlier this year (where Pickster took tracks from the late '90s and early Aughts and reconstructed them with an early '90s feel). 

Links to his upcoming gigs and latest SoundCloud uploads, including the remix located below, also are featured.

Check out his skills for yourself at

Junior Reid - One Blood (Pickster One Dirt off ya Shoulders Blend) by PicksterOne

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