DJ RMC Talks House Heads, Getting Head, Milli Vanilli, Bach, Glenn Underground, and More

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While you might not be able to watch DJ RMC doing the weekly grind at Club Incog any more, the 37-year-old is still plenty visible. Each and every Saturday afternoon the house music maestro boots up a live spin session over the Internet via Ustream.tv, and he's also got a primo gig lined up for Labor Day weekend.

Eager to attend? RMC dishes out all the details on his upcoming spin session (as well as his feelings about the Valley house scene, a salacious situation he once witnessed at a club, and other choice tidbits) in this week's edition of DJ Dossier.

Name: Ruben M. Candelaria


Current club nights: Nakama Restaurant and Lounge for a monthly blend of house music, soul, funk, disco and anything else we're vibin' on at the moment. Going down every first Saturday of the month with my boy Joseph from Next Dimension Music.

Genres spun: My love is house music. However, I grew up with an array of genres. Mostly inspired by soul, funk, Latin rhythms, disco, and rock. These are all elements that will be tugging away at your ears during my set. It's served up with love just for you. The "kickworm" is still allowed on the dance floor I think, so do what you feel.

Preferred poison while DJing? Jack 'n' Coke! Jack is nobody's friend but we get along occasionally during my sets.

How did you get started as a DJ? The inspiration came from the parties me and my close buddies (Junior Madrid and Rob Guzman) used to visit back in the day in Los Angeles. Most memorable for me was Doc Martin's "Flammable Liquid." I wanted to inspire people with house music the way that joint reached me. That party was off the hook like no other in my opinion. In turn, I bought equipment and records and began my journey of "feel good music" many years ago.

Little-known fact about yourself: I can't swim! No joke. Everyone teases me about it coming from California and all. Oh snap, I'm not gonna hear the last of it when others read this that don't know. (*hides*) If you guys just make it easy on me and just point and laugh, I will understand. It's all good.

RMC on UNITY Vibe Radio by 4theluvofhouse

What's your mantra when it comes to DJing? Vibe always. If you are not in it, or don't believe in what you are doing, no one else will either. A lot of DJs will just "play" music and that's not enough anymore. You need to connect with your crowd, take them on that journey and find out what inspires them. From the person nodding their head to the beat, to the toe-tapper at the bar and of course the folks workin' it out on the floor. (For some reason, there is always a couple salsa dancing' where people are drinking. You ever notice that? Or that one person weaving in and out of people doing the forward running man.)

What do you like about the Valley scene? I like the fact that people are doing what they love most of all and utilize their outlets to reach us. I have a tremendous respect for all the DJs and their passion for music and all the folks they inspire along the way. If I could change anything about the scene, I would expand it more. Our house scene isn't very big out here however, from what we do have, it's generated with a lot of love.

Other clubs and nights you've spun at: Batucada, Lemon Drop, Solstice, ONE, Side Bar, and Skyline. And my all time fave, my child, "UNITY." Without the love of the House Heads and the resident Dj's: Raul Riena, Byron Fenix, "Jus" Donald, D Anthony it wouldn't have happened and I couldn't have had a better set of DJs at my side.

Which bygone club do you miss the most? Flammable Liquid (L.A.) hands down but if I had to choose a Valley spot, it would be Chupa! I met a lot of cool cats through my buddy Blaz Gallegos when I moved here. It was a raw and in yo face joint. I dug that. You just had to watch out when you left the place because there were some choice characters lurking around outside asking for money and eye ballin' your car.

Best experience as a DJ: My best experiences have certainly been the networking involved. I've met a lot of talented and inspiring individuals during the years, it's been a blessing for me. I can honestly say that I haven't had a "bad" experience.

Craziest shit you've seen at a club: A DJ getting pleasured while mixing. How'd he do that? Talk about will power. I would've trainwrecked and checked out, seriously. "Check please."

What do you dig about house music? It's a feeling to me. It's a sound that crosses all genres and touches people of all cultural background and sexual orientation. That means there are no limits, no lines drawn in the sand. It's just you and how the music makes you feel. Next time you're at a house joint go ask that dancer what he or she feels when they're closing their eyes, sweatin and stompin, and getting lost in it.

How do you see the genre evolving? With new talent and producers always reinventing their sound. It's supply and demand. A younger demographic has certainly had an impact on this genre from the array of styles presented of late. Overall, the direction is strong and positive and I'm lovin' it all. Keep pushin' people!

Worst request you've gotten? Milli Vanilli. No disrespect to those who love them, but I just don't get 'em. Just "blame it on the rain," I guess.

What sites do you use for music: Traxsource, Stompy, Beatport. I also transfer a lot of my out of print vinyl to mp3 for use as well. Many gems in those crates.

Do you shop locally for music? With the electronic age, I do everything online. I do miss going into shops and spending hours digging through crates though. When I venture to L.A. I definitely hit the record joints and renew my vinyl badge. I'm in there til my side starts hurting from standing too long. I even motion people to bring me snack packs! It's gonna be a long day ya'll.

Last album purchased: It was Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment by JS Bach. I know what you're thinking, "That came out of left field." It's okay, classical music relaxes me. It's good for the soul.

Last song downloaded: Conya Doss, "What I'd Do." Hot!

What else have you been listening to lately? I'm always listening to Sade (because that's my wife, only she just doesn't know it yet), reggae, classic rock, neo-soul and Latin music. Ohh yeah, and anything Nick Jr has to offer because my son loves that channel.

What artists are you currently championing in your sets? Karizma, Pablo Martinez, Kerri Chandler, Ann Nesby, Glenn Underground...the list is extremely long depending on the energy in the room, but those are some of my favorites.

Any future gigs you'd like to plug? Nakama Restaurant and Lounge with RMC (UNITY) and Joseph (Next Dimension Music) on September 4th, 7 p.m. to close. Saki bombers and sinful sushi, swing on through.

When not DJing, where can you be found? I'm spending that precious time with family.

Current projects: I do my mix show "UNITY Vibe" every Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m. on Ustream.tv for those of you with some down time or in chill mode. I'm also collaborating with a local producer/friend Raul Riena on a few house productions that are sure to get that backside shakin.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.