DJ Dossier

DJ RMC Talks House Heads, Getting Head, Milli Vanilli, Bach, Glenn Underground, and More

While you might not be able to watch DJ RMC doing the weekly grind at Club Incog any more, the 37-year-old is still plenty visible. Each and every Saturday afternoon the house music maestro boots up a live spin session over the Internet via, and he's also got a primo gig lined up for Labor Day weekend.

Eager to attend? RMC dishes out all the details on his upcoming spin session (as well as his feelings about the Valley house scene, a salacious situation he once witnessed at a club, and other choice tidbits) in this week's edition of DJ Dossier.

Name: Ruben M. Candelaria


Current club nights: Nakama Restaurant and Lounge for a monthly blend of house music, soul, funk, disco and anything else we're vibin' on at the moment. Going down every first Saturday of the month with my boy Joseph from Next Dimension Music.

Genres spun: My love is house music. However, I grew up with an array of genres. Mostly inspired by soul, funk, Latin rhythms, disco, and rock. These are all elements that will be tugging away at your ears during my set. It's served up with love just for you. The "kickworm" is still allowed on the dance floor I think, so do what you feel.

Preferred poison while DJing? Jack 'n' Coke! Jack is nobody's friend but we get along occasionally during my sets.

How did you get started as a DJ? The inspiration came from the parties me and my close buddies (Junior Madrid and Rob Guzman) used to visit back in the day in Los Angeles. Most memorable for me was Doc Martin's "Flammable Liquid." I wanted to inspire people with house music the way that joint reached me. That party was off the hook like no other in my opinion. In turn, I bought equipment and records and began my journey of "feel good music" many years ago.

Little-known fact about yourself: I can't swim! No joke. Everyone teases me about it coming from California and all. Oh snap, I'm not gonna hear the last of it when others read this that don't know. (*hides*) If you guys just make it easy on me and just point and laugh, I will understand. It's all good.

RMC on UNITY Vibe Radio by 4theluvofhouse
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