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DJ Rob Kwik on How His New Mix Will Induce "Eargasms"

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Are you a part of any DJ crews? Dirt Assasinz Collective and Artistic Ninjas. Most of the members are in music production these days and don't play out too often.

What's the Dirt Assasinz Collective? [It's] a group of brokenbeat artists. A few active members are Macrodot, Adam John, Brook B, DJ Yello, Shomeister, NeightriX and myself. Another active DA member is Joe Pea. He is putting it down in California. We spin at public and private events. Some past events include EDC, Together as One, Acid Reign, Monster Massive and Nocturnal Wonderland.

Do you have a mantra as a DJ? Keep it real and stay true to yourself.

What's the coolest thing you've witnessed during your career? Thousands of people getting down to a track. Such an amazing vibe when everyone is going ape shit over a track and bouncing. A sea of people in harmony, riding the vibration.

And what's the craziest? Well, I've seen couples getting aroused from certain types of music and they just go for it with people around. Not a care in the world.

What's your dream gig? Being able to perform at a big festival like Lighting in the Bottle in SoCal or the Ultra Music Festival in Miami with tens of thousands of people jamming out to your set. Amazing.

Which do you prefer: Club gigs, raves, or desert parties? These days, club gigs. Raves and desert parties were lots of fun. That's where Dirt Assasinz started to grow. However, the club events are where its at now a days. It's hard to find property to throw outdoor events. We have been recently playing out in San Diego lately. The scene is awesome.

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