DJ Tranzit to Release Strike EP on Bad Boy Bill's Menage Music Label on Monday

Some guys have all the luck, not to mention effloads of talent to boot. Steven Chung is one of those guys.

Things have been extra rosy for the 32-year-old Scottsdale nightclub veteran and house music guru, who performs as both DJ Tranzit and his darker alter ego Juheun, including inking a major deal with one of the biggest names in the EDM biz.

To wit: When venerated house music stalwart Bad Boy Bill swung through the Valley a couple of months ago, he wasn't in town only to perform at Axis/Radius or conduct a special spin symposium at one of Rob Wegner's renowned DJ classes at Scottsdale Community College.

Nope, turns out that the Chicago-based legend had another reason to visit Scottsdale: to have a face-to-face chat with Chung and ink him to a deal to release Tranzit's new Strike EP on Bad Boy Bill's longtime imprint Menage Music.

The album, which drops Monday, April 1, via Beatport, includes two different tracks, including "Truffle Sex," which Chung describes as a "big room pleaser with a sweet progressive build and a glitchy rhythm that will lift you up and make you dance."

Needless to say, Chung was exceedingly stoked by the fact his latest project was being released by one of the house world's biggest names. In fact, it helps fulfill a lifelong dream of his, he says.

"It's been my main goal ever since I first started DJing 14 years ago," Chung says.

He'll be celebrating both his accomplishment and Strike's release with a blowout early next week on Tuesday, April 2, at Smashboxx in Scottsdale. The party starts at 9 p.m. and features warmup sessions by Freddy "Circle" Krems, Michelle Sparks, DJ Thomas James, Dan Lunsford, and Just Crit, as well as a special emulator set by Davian featuring Jamee Soulz. Admission is free.

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