DMX Loves Arizona, and Yeah, We Kinda Love Him Too

We've had to write plenty of arrest-tastic headlines about DMX here at Phoenix New Times, but despite his issues with Arizona law enforcement, X loves our state.

In a recent interview with Power 105.1 in NYC, DMX had nothing but nice things to say about AZ:

"It was just a beautiful place, man...we come from the studio one day, and we just pulled over on the highway, just watch the sunrise...it's like, yo, it's crazy. And you can carry guns! I went out there with eight felonies and I can carry a gun?! You serious? What do you mean, 'Why did I go to Arizona'?

What can we say, DMX? We love you, too. Sure, you've had a checkered past, but we're more than willing to let this whole thing be a comeback story (we're not forgiving the dog fighting thing, though) provided that new album you've been dangling out there for ever delivers on your boasts.

DMX is just the kind of character you root for (against your better judgement). It's one of the reasons we stay tuned into the DMX saga. Here are five more.

The Tweets:

Just look at this baffling display.

The Kids.

It's no secret that the guy is...shall we say "prolific," when it comes to siring little 'DMXs. But it might not be his fault, as evidenced by the Power 101.5 interview once again:

"My dick stay hard when I'm sleeping. I woke up plenty of times, wifey just on me, just gettin' it. But you know, that's wifey. All right, woman, do what you gonna do...then just go back to sleep.

The Beefs:

Ja Rule, Arizona's police force, and now, Drake.

Attacking Drake is hardly noteworthy. Even Common -- I mean, COMMON for chrissake-- has called into question the former Degrassi star's cred, but his feud with Ja Rule was more entertaining, with X suggesting that Rule ripped off his signature "ruff" vocal style. The two eventually ended made peace, but X's verbal attack on Drake might signify he's ready to call out more of today's radio rappers. (I'd love to hear his thoughts on Chris Brown.)

The Dogs:

Like we mentioned earlier, that whole dog fighting thing is undeniably shitty -- but X clearly has a kinship with man's best friend. His image has been defined by canines since his debut, It's Dark and Hell is Hot, featuring "Get at Me Dog" and "For My Dogs." He's got the barky, ruff-ruff thing down, and the doggie-centric approach gives tunes like "What These Bitches Want" an interesting subtext.

And the number one reason why love DMX despite it all?

The Songs:

Yeah. It's easy to forget in light of all his trials and tribulations, but the dude's had a string of undeniable hits, bringing an aggressive but nuanced air to tunes like "Ain't No Sunshine," "Get It On the Floor," and "X Gon' Give it To Ya."

With indications that X's new record, Undisputed, due out on Tuesday, March 27, might return him to his former glory, DMX might make good on the idea that 2012 is going to be the year he makes headlines unrelated to his legal status.

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