Dr. Demento-Approved Page the Village Idiot Brings Parody Rock to The Valley

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Up on the Sun: What inspired you to start this project? Page Davis: I'd been playing around the Valley for gosh, like two decades now. I've been doing it as one piece probably for the last 10. I just wanted to continue doing music without the hassle of always changing members in bands and bands splitting up, so I became a solo act. I saw other people doing similar things like that around the time I started and thought that was a good starting place.

You've been a solo act for a good 10 years and you are releasing your third album. Is there any reason there has been a delay between releases?

It's probably harder to motivate yourself to write that much when you're one person. That's my guess, that's the way I can explain it. It did take awhile, so this is what I do for a living it's not always easy to get enough money invested into a CD too, so I theory I would have released it awhile back, but because I waited so long, it ended up being a lot longer of a CD too.

What did you set out to do with this album?

Obviously what I'm doing is satire. It's inspired by the environment I'm around. Whatever makes me laugh or whatever seems to make others laugh that are going out to shows and stuff. That's kind of the skeleton.

It's rare to see someone make these jokes and play instruments like the ukulele. Did you set out to play all of these instruments?

I guess so. When you're a one man band, sometimes you want to do things like make the most racket you possibly can. Other times you want to show the diversity of instrumentation, and so you put it all together, I think it makes a pretty good show. If I just played acoustic guitar all night, it would get monotonous for me, so it keeps it interesting for me to jump genres and jump instruments like that.

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