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Drunk Dial Wants to Take Over the Scottsdale EDM Scene

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What's the most fucked-up drunk dial you've perpetrated?

Lueder: Honestly, I drunk-dial so much, like I can't even tell you. I literally just drunk-dialed Thursday night.

Is there an art to drunk-dialing? Or is it just all booze and no brains?

Lueder: All blackout, no brains.

Hudson: At that point, you pretty much either let your balls or heart take over, and it can be a really sad conversation or a really hilarious conversation. And you're not going to have the cleanest mind ever.

Lueder: Either way, you're going to wake up in the morning and regret it.

Is drunk-dialing one of the official pastimes of Scottsdale?

Lueder: Honestly, I think that's why the name is so appealing to everybody, because everybody has drunk-dialed someone at least once, especially in Scottsdale. Yeah, Scottsdale's a mess and I love it, and everybody drunk dials, but I think our music can reach anyone in the world: Europe, Asia, everywhere. As long as the translation's there and they understand what a drunk dial is, then they can identify with it.

Is there a term in Czech or German for "drunk dial"?

Hudson: That's a good idea. We should look that up and start putting it on our music for those countries.

What are your actual tracks like?

Hudson: It's all original tracks written by Steve and I about our own experiences out there and what we feel hasn't been put in a song in our own words. We don't do many remixes, we did one remix for our friend [Oren J. from Silver Medallion] because he was from Arizona originally, and the rest of it is original productions.

You've worked with Silver Medallion?

Lueder: We reached out to Oren before we started, and we were like, throw us the a capellas and let us remix the song. Oren loved it and wanted to get in the studio with us. So he actually came back here, stayed with me for a couple days, came into the studio and we actually wrote the follow up to "Stay Young," which is gonna drop in the next few days. It's a big deal for us.

So you guys trashed a hotel room during a music video shoot?

Lueder: Yeah, it was cool. Oren was involved. The concept of the video for "Live for the Weekend" involved a girl meeting Oren, them hanging at the club, and then coming back to the hotel, and partying and trashing it. He got a room at an undisclosed location and we got an ASU film team out there, and they helped us make the video in this teeny, ghetto-ass hotel room and got some pretty cool shots.

When does that video drop?

Lueder: We're still working on it. The single is gonna be coming out on Get Right records, which is Benzi's label.

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