Dry River Yacht Club Threw a Massive Release Party, and Everyone Came

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Upon entering the venue, it was evident something special was going on, because of the two-stage setup within the Crescent. Adding a second stage where most bands usually set up their merch booths added a whole new dynamic to a venue that for the past two years already has been head and shoulders above the rest.

Flamenco por la Vida opened the night with a free performance in the Crescent lounge before Two Visions opened up the main stage to officially start the party. Dylan Pratt took to the second stage next, before Tucson-based Sweet Ghosts and Austin's Technicolor Hearts.

The Technicolor Hearts were a visual and auditory delight, mixing a wide array of colored lights, some samples, a violin, and a cache of interesting sounds including a xylophone that they played with a bow. By the end of their set, the crowd, full of fans and fellow musicians, was really filling in, and the excitement was reaching a boiling point.

Besides members of other Phoenix bands, it seemed everyone in the room was interconnected in a hodgepodge of local musicians, writer, bloggers, photographers, and a wide array of other local music lovers.

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Jeff Moses
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