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Dry River Yacht Club's Henri Bernard on St. Ranger, Tintype, and The Pübes

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Tintype is a Phoenix-based rock band, and are scheduled to perform Saturday, January 28, 2012, at Hollywood Alley in Tempe. For more information visit the band online.

HB: Certainly more intense than the last tune. I had a feeling, based on this artwork too, it was going to be in that very metal, proggy realm. This sounded like it was recorded in a garage, or on a four-track. It's so raw, and at the end -- I don't know if they are going for this or not -- but I couldn't even really get what the vocals were doing. Everything was so much louder than the vocals. Sometimes people treat the vocal like an instrument as opposed to a lead, so maybe they are doing that. That's a cool thing to do. But the audio quality was not as good as the last thing we listened to, recording-wise.

Up on the Sun: It's definitely a rougher take, but even though this is a different world than the St. Ranger tune, they accomplish the same thing: It's complex, but it doesn't sacrifice soulfulness. Seriously, there was this post-rock thing going on, but vocally and song-wise, it had a classic rock feel. Super melodic, just super strong. This is just bad ass. I really, really like this. It blows me a way that a band like this exists in Phoenix but I'm just finding out of them. Bands like this are why it pays to keep digging around and actively listening.

Absolutely. There's a whole thing - when you get outside of Phoenix and Tempe, there are all these other little scene, Mesa, Glendale, bands doing huge things that I know nothing about because I don't live in those parts of the city. That's not where my music flows, but I agree with you. They accomplish their deal - that little bridge/breakdown with that bass? That was rad.

I really love the dual guitars, the kind of Rolling Stoney "woots." I don't understand why this band isn't all over radio. I guess this song might be too long --

Radio time is 3:30 [Laughs].

But I could see this being huge on X103.9 or KUPD. It's ballsy, and heavy as shit, but it's not stupid. I don't understand why people would need to listen to dumb rock when there's stuff like this that accomplishes the same visceral, gut punch sound but has good melodies, is exciting. I think it's awesome. There's parts that remind me of records I was really into when I was younger, At the Drive In, Cave In, Quicksand - and there's this whole "Steve Albini could have recorded this" element. I'm so excited I know about this band.

It has a classic rock, but new feel, but not like nu-metal, it's way more raw. I wish I had long hair and could swing it. I reminded me of this band called Health at Coachella - I have a friend who is always wearing a Health shirt, and he was like, "You need to see this band." It didn't sound like Health; [Health] is like [prolonged high pitched scream] but this had a groove, and was so intense. I bet it's unreal live. Just get crazy, get sweaty. Get ready to dance. Have fun.

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