Dumperfoo's 40th Birthday feat. Drunken Immortals at Club Red, 1/18/13

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Not in the slightest. Instead the set began with another sort of gravitas altogether in the form of the thunderously heavy riffs of Led Zeppelin as Drunken Immortals kickstarted things with sonic gut-punch of a hellacious mashup/reworking of "Immigrant Song" with rap-laced verses. Mic Cause did his best send-up of Robert Plant's caterwaul when he and Brad B. weren't mashing up verses from the 1970s classic with rhymes about "madness, insanity, vulgarities, profanities" or how "sacred cows make the best hamburgers."

The only drama to be had came in the form of the lyrical bombast being slung by Brad B., whose utterly dizzying flows from Drunken Immortals next song "Day of the Dead" slice through less-gifted rhymers like a knife.

"Some of these fools aren't even talented/I challenge 'em to put their heart into it and make something worth listening to," Brad B. raps. "The more you're pumping 'em out/The faster you slip."

Brad has every right to dispense such braggadocious bluster, since -- as anyone who's heard his efforts with DI, The Insects, or his 2005 solo disc Drifter can attest - the man's got mad proficiency and is arguably one of the Valley's best rappers.

Mic Cause's skills as an emcee are pretty top shelf as well as he keeps apace with Brad B. on the stick, tossing out clever rhymes ("Give me a nutty buddy/Got a little nutty off that Cutty/It's true that a drunk ain't shit/But neither is rich rapper-fashion model/Pass the bottle") with all the aplomb of a seasoned pro.

DI's frontmen weren't the only one's on their game during Friday night's performance, as all four of its instrumentalists backed up Mic Cause's verse from "Day of the Dead" claiming "Yeah that's the joint/The band is on point." Hill expertly alternated between the keys and his six-string while Hurst banged the skins with all the muscle he could muster. (After the gig, he informed me that by the second song his "arms were going fucking crazy.")

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