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Fall Out Boy Is Releasing a Punk Album: Here's Why It's Legit

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It's hard to determine who to chalk this reinvigorated reincarnation of the band to. Adams, always a prolific eccentric, is no stranger to the hard stuff, writing black metal under the side-project Werewolph and releasing 2010's space-odyssey thrash concept album Orion. But while Adams as known in the mainstream scope as the voice behind "that 'Wonderwall' cover" and the uncannily-timed video for 2001's "New York, New York," he's made significant ventures into hardcore and punk with The Finger, formed in 2002 with Heart Attack's Jesse Malin.

We Are Fuck You, The Finger's debut release, has a track listing that reads like a cartoonish depiction of punk rock, but the songs hold serious weight -- production is stripped down, low-end heavy, with Malin's vocals mixed down in the distortion.

Even in 2003, the heyday of Warped Tour, MTV-ready acts viewed by homogenized mall-culture kids as "punk," We Are Fuck You really did raise a middle finger to the year just after Good Charlotte's breakout and just before Green Day's American Idiot. Consequently, The Finger stayed even truer to their brash stylings; no band member ever married a Simpson sister, and they never turned their record into a Broadway musical.

Fall Out Boy, on the other side of the coin, came directly from the ashes of the Chicago hardcore scene, right in the midst of growling background vocals and Thursday-esque emotional pleas.

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