Fayuca Premieres New Acoustic Music Video for "Tricky Sneaky Sleeves"

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Gabriel: We do this thing, before the shows, whenever we have time, where we go out and hit up local places like coffee shops. We'll get a coffee, sit around and scope people out to see what they're wearing, listening to, what are they reading, what websites are they browsing -- but when we went to Mobile, Alabama, it was on a strip where there were multiple bars and pizza shops and not too far from one of the universities, and we went out on a mission to talk to people and give out merchandise our sponsors give them, and maybe seven out of 10 people already knew about the show and were considering going. That's when I was like, "Damn."

We just couldn't believe how many people had heard of the show and were seeking us out on YouTube.

What's made the difference? Raf: I think it's the new album and the video that came out on MTVu. That's a big thing, man. Also I think it has to do with word of mouth. People are talking and it's spreading.

Gabriel: With the previous album, we didn't make a video for our single, "Dirty Girl." We had a couple of acoustic things, but we didn't have the means to make a music video. Now we're more involved with the local community, whereas before we would always just tour. I think the fact that we put out a solid album, or at least what we think is a solid album, and we put out these three videos, and now we're releasing this new series. I feel like before people would see us on a venue's website, then they'd find us online, but there wasn't anything to engage them.

Now that we have these videos, the album, and a record label that has taken us under their wing and pushed us harder than we had before. And the band having the right members, and the right approach, all of this combined, have made it easier for people to become engaged with us.

Raf: What's cool, too, about this last tour was that we brought our trumpet player with us. So what ended up happening was that it kicked up our live show.

Gabriel: He adds a very different dynamic than we've never had.

Raf: And people are really connecting more with us live now.

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